Sunday, September 4, 2011

The adventure begins

I began the search for my family history in January 2008.

I had asked my first questions 15 years before that.

At that time I didn't even know exactly where my parents were born, and I knew very little about my grandparents and their parents. With my parents now in their sixties, I thought I better find out a bit more. My Mum was able to tell me names, dates and places of birth for her parents and for my Dad’s parents, who had all died by this time, and for their children, too. I left it at that.

I always thought I would one day find out more; what type of people did I come from? Were we were always workers, labourers?

The opportunity to start looking came when the first Australian series of Who Do You Think You Are aired and Ancestry had a four week free trial. I signed up, and I was hooked – once I clicked on that search button there was no going back.