Saturday, October 8, 2011

These I knew, Grandparents: Berry, Gregg, Crosby and Clark

I was born and mostly raised (apart from a spell living in Western Australia) in Newcastle upon Tyne, in the north-east of England, and always thought of myself as a "Geordie" and proud of it. It was a bit of a surprise to find that neither of my parents were born there, they each moved there in their childhood, and of my four grandparents, only one was from Newcastle, although they all spent a lot of their lives there and they all died there.

I knew all four of my grandparents; they were all alive until I was into my twenties.

So who were they? Let me introduce them.

Grandad Berry was Harold Harrison Berry, born 2 January 1896 in Sadberge, County Durham and died 5 August 1975 age 79.

Grandma Berry was Jane Elizabeth Gregg, called Jennie, born 17 August 1901 in East Layton, Yorkshire North Riding and died 3 February 1982 age 80.

Grandad Crosby was William Murray Crosby, and the one from Newcastle upon Tyne. He was born there on 25 June 1895, and died 27 May 1977 age 81.

Grandma Crosby was Lily Clark, born 25 February 1901 in Seaton, Yorkshire East Riding and died 1 June 1977 age 76.

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